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Hose hanger

Hose hanger

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  • Date of issue:2021-08-09 16:27:22
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The hose hanger is used for the hose of the fuel dispenser. With the help of the elastic force accumulated by the scroll spring and the gravity of the hose, the hose is in a "suspended" state to avoid friction with the ground. Make the appearance of the whole fuel dispenser more beautiful and prolong the service life of the rubber hose.


The service life can reach more than 100000 times and adapt to various domestic environments. Lock at any position.


1. The patented locking device eliminates the defect that the old version is easy to lock and fail. The new structure can meet the locking at any position, which greatly improves the service effect and service life of the balancer.

2. The special spring structure can effectively prevent the spring from becoming larger after no-load sudden release and rebound, resulting in the failure of the stretcher.

3. The built-in spring breaking device solves the problem that the fuel dispenser is damaged due to the accidental pulling of the oil pipe.



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