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120kg pneumatic balancer

120kg pneumatic balancer

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ATB pneumatic balancer

Atb120kg pneumatic balancer is a lifting device equipped with floating load unit, which is used to assist the operator in manually selecting, lifting, moving and placing objects. Due to the use of air pressure as the power source, the lifting objects have almost no weight for the operator. The purchase, operation and maintenance cost of pneumatic balancer is low, but the productivity can be greatly improved. It is a device worthy of investment.

Advantages of ATB pneumatic balancer:

Easy integration

The speed and flexibility of the pneumatic balancer make it a perfect substitute for elevators. It is especially suitable for handling fragile items.

The pneumatic balancer optimizes the assembly process of objects that need to be transferred quickly and smoothly with high accuracy, such as aircraft manufacturing, solar energy and automobile industries. At the same time, it is also an ideal lifting device for maintenance and industrial production operations.

Easy operation 

More efficient operation

>Shorten production cycle

>The lifting / lowering speed is obviously faster than the chain hoist, and the speed can reach 1.5m/s according to different modes

Improve security

>Avoid overloading

>No electricity is required

>The unstable movement in the lifting / lowering process is eliminated

High practicability and humanized design

>Easy maintenance

>Comfortable working environment: cleaner and quieter

>The balance control system can directly control the load for 3-dimensional movement, fast and uninterrupted, and the control process does not need to use buttons or handles

>High accuracy




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